Tainted Love

Dutiful sister, daughter, wife... deadly as well

Lucrezia Borgia

"The more I try to please God, the more he tries me."


November 28th, 2010


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01) Full name? Lucrezia Borgia.
02) Best friend? No real friends other than her brother, Cesare, possibly.
03) Sexuality? Heterosexual.
04) Favorite color? She loves white and yellow because the colors both look good on her and they make her stand out in a crowd.
05) Relationship status? Single for the moment, though that could change thanks to the many betrothals from her father.
06) Ideal mate? Someone who understands what it is like to be the child of Rodrigio Borgia. Someone who accepts her and everything about her. A strong personality, as well.
07) Turn-ons? Forbidden sex (since she is supposed to be virginal despite all the rumors).
08) Last sexual experience? Her father, but it was unwanted.
09) Favorite food? Simple Italian foods - she isn't one to want the luxury of wealth.
10) Crushes? She has never loved or crushed on anyone, but she cares deeply for Cesare.
11) Favorite music? Country celebration dances.
12) Biggest fear? That people will think her a whore.
13) Biggest fantasy? Time alone away from daughterly duties.
14) Quirks in bed? Trying to make her partner happy.
15) Bad habits? Allowing others to use her.
16) Biggest regret? Thinking that her father, though she loves him, was right when he first "approached" her about something.
17) Best kept secrets? That the rumors about her sexual behavior is actually true.
18) Last thought? "Of course, Father."
19) Worst sexual experience? She'll never tell.
20) Biggest insecurity? That she won't live up to her father's expectations, or that her brother will be disappointed in her.
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